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We are an Innovative Start-Up which focuses on providing End to End Products and Solutions in the Idea to Market domain (I2M) by the right mix of Technology and Marketing Insights. It’s our vision to partner with Global Corporations by providing the required Domain & Innovation Capabilities which compliments with the Client's Core Competencies creating a Win-Win situation. We want to solve some of the toughest problems that the world is facing through Innovative and Customer Focused Research enabled by Continuous Lifetime Learning.

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What We Offer

We offer Innovation Consulting Services in the Idea to Market(I2M) Domain right from the Spark of an Idea to taking it up to the Final Mass Production in the Market. We work on the Principle of End to End Engagement with Clients to help not only Co-create Innovative Products and Solutions, but also help Sustain the Innovation by delivering a clear Roadmap for Short Term, Mid Term and Long Term period as defined by the Client. With our Experienced Team which has sharp focus on Technology Development, Technology Proving and Mapping of various Technologies to Products & Solutions, we can help to build your Innovation Trajectory for the future. We engage with our Clients for making Products and Solutions which clearly have a Technological Edge over Competition but at the same time it is fully grounded on Consumer / Customer Insights which is the Foundation of the Relevant Ideas that we Generate and Implement.

driving innovations with technology & insights

It is our Vision to be a Partner with Global Corporations by providing Domain & Innovation Capabilities which actually Complements with their Core Competencies creating a Win-Win situation. We plan to focus on Consumer Durables, Consumer Goods, FMEG(Fast Moving Electrical Goods) , Healthcare (B2C) and Automotive (B2B) Sectors . Technology Development matched with Market Insights from Concept to Full Product Creation is our Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

how we can help

We are open to connect with Companies / Individuals who want to Collaborate / Partner with our Innovative Start-up which focuses on - Market Growth for our Clients with a proper Mix of Technology & Insight based Meaningful Innovations for People and Society at large.

why choose us

We are a Team of Technocrats who have worked in Global Corporations in various roles of Research & Development with key focus area being building of Innovation Capabilities.
Our team has Diverse Sector Expertise like Consumer Goods / Durables, Healthcare (B2C), Automotive, FMEG & More. We together have Filed 50+ patents in various Global MNCs in our past assignments.